Searching for Mr. Switch Grass

After months of searching, you have finally settled on upholstery fabrics for your living room, dining room, and bedroom. Congratulations! You love the colors, the textures, the patterns and the weave. Everything harmonizes with everything else. You are decorating! Yes!

Excuse me, what is the performance quality of your selections?

“Performance quality,” you respond. “What is that?”

  • Has it passed flammability testing?
  • What is its break strength, resistance to seam slippage, color fastness, wet and dry crocking?
  • Has it passed Martindale or Weyzenbeek abrasion testing, and, if it has passed one or both rubs, what do those numbers mean? Do they count in your application?
  • Will the delivered colors be consistent with your sample; how many flaws are standard; will the image bow or skew (common with some Asian silks). If so, what percentage overage do you need for this factor?
  • Was antimony present in the plastic bottles in your post-consumer spun yarn?
  • Is anti-microbial for real? Uh, huh.
  • Was it made from switch grass, corn or is it truly organic fiber?
  • Was it made in America?


Fabrics and wallpaper: Residence Collection courtesy of Thibault

Don’t know all the answers to all these vexing issues? Your top interior designer knows.


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