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I am a highly skilled technician, an interior designer by trade. Some see this as glamorous. Designers handle exquisite, sensitive objects. We demonstrate impressive taste in the art of couture living.

Good design is not easy. The design process from start to finish is an unveiling of your wants and needs, a collaborative process. Designers practice the art of listening and we take time to spend with you.

Nobody needs an interior designer, of course, until one tries to do it oneself:

  • Tired of moving furniture? Your husband is. GRRRNT!!! Designers locate furniture by the inch on lifespan living floor plans. Hire a designer and your pieces will stay in place for years, probably save your marriage. Added benefit: the kids stop bumping into the furniture.
  • Is your home timid? Flat? Designers use color as room accents or in small unexpected places to define and shape space giving your home animation and spirit.
  • Do you have too many colors, too many patterns, too many centuries? Does your home fly-off in unrestrained directions? Designers take a single, consistent approach avoiding contradictions.
  • Are your rooms visually raucous? Are they talking back to you, piercing your brain?Designers develop visual focus, balance, composition, and keep it interesting.
  • Are your eyes dim? Are your rooms murky? Designers apply techniques of proper lighting. We know “bulbs” grow in the ground; they are not planted in light fixtures.
  • Are you a squirrel? Confess. Do you store, stockpile, hoard? Do you have too much stuff? Designerscreate function and flow that will persuade you to release, to keep it simple. Un-mass your house! Less is more in accessories and furniture.

I ask a lot of questions: How do you want to use each space? Who lives here, full time, part time, sometimes? How do you work, live, play in your home? What are your special considerations, any special needs?

What will it take for your home environment to become a physical partner with you as you live/work/play within your walls?

Based upon your responses I guide you, then bundle your answers into a functional plan. I steer you toward what would work for you and what reflects your unique freshly-revealed lifestyle. Turn your dream home into reality. It’s your story after all.

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